Listed Buildings Joinery in Taunton and Somerset

As You May Know, A Listed Building Needs A Lot Of Care And Attention. When Undergoing Maintenance, It Is Required By Law To Insert The Windows Exactly As They Were Before.

As registered buildings, windows are very much wooden and need the care and attention of experienced joiners like Ian. This way, not only are the buildings being taken off in the right way, the renovations themselves are being kept within the law.

What Ian Does

With his experience and expertise, Ian is able to offer bespoke joinery for listed buildings, including windows, doors and other timber features. As with all of Ian’s services, he aims to please his clients, both domestic and commercial, as well as give top quality bespoke joinery services.


Ian is able to help preserve the character and history of listed buildings. Using his expertise in softwood and hardwood joinery, he is able to preserve as well as restore various joinery within listed buildings.


You may be looking to renovate a listed building, in which case Ian can also help. Ian is able to replicate various windows and doors so that the building not only keeps within the law, but keeps its sense of history.

Ian Vickery Has An Excellent Reputation Having Been A Judge For The Government Backed SkillBuild Awards.

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